General Terms of Sale

General provisions

These general terms of sale are applicable on all the offers of W.E.COM BVBA-SPRL (named further on LASystems) and on all concluded agreements.

W.E.COM BVBA-SPRL registered in Belgium - RPR Brussels, VAT number: BE0477231486, Brusselsesteenweg 208, 1730 Asse, Belgium.

Unless other specific agreements, the application of other terms of sale is excluded.

Delivery and execution of the agreement

All presentations on the website of LASystems or in advertisements are to be considered as an invitation of making an offer.

All our sales, deliveries and services, catalogues, pricelists, advertisements, offers by the way of the internet or verbal agreement, are submitted to the terms of sale as described below. Every divergence is to be confirmed in writing and accepted by us.

Except opposite and well specified indication, each order supposes the acceptance of our conditions and the denial of buyer´s own terms of purchase or sale. By giving an order, the customer accepts the applicability of our conditions as mentioned on the website. On the website the most actual terms of sale are mentioned.

The terms of delivery agreed by contract are mentioned for goods to be delivered from local stock. In any case the delivery is only mentioned for guidance and our company shall not be liable for any delay of the goods. The buyer cannot claim any indemnification for any delay in delivery of the goods.

Also after LASystems has come to terms with the buyer, LASystems is authorized to charge changes in the turnover tax or other taxes and duties. The seller is authorized for doing partial deliveries.

Notwithstanding our most carefulness observed in treatment of the orders, partial delivery or non-delivery by the carrier could be possible. The buyer has to report this fact within 24 hours.


Except contradictory or stipulated arrangements our invoices are cash payable in 1730 Asse (Belgium). Checks, drafts and other legal tender are always payable in 1730 Asse (Belgium).

If agreement exists for payment on our account, a term of payment is granted of 8 days date of invoice.

In any case that gives rise to it, W.E.COM BVBA-SPRL reserves the right not to accept the mode of payment proposed by the buyer.

Should the occasion arise, W.E.COM BVBA-SPRL will communicate about this fact and the delivery of the order will occur after payment in advance.

Payment in advance is only possible by bank- or postal transfer.

The agreement concluded by our commercial agents are only valuable after approval by a representative of W.E.COM BVBA-SPRL. It is not allowed to our commercial agents to cash or give a receipt on our invoices.

The sending of an invoice is worth an invitation to a payment in due form. In case of non-payment, the due amount will be totally insisted upon payment by justice, without further place in default. At the same time the seller will be authorized to claim an extra amount of 10 % to the extent of the due amount, with a minimum of 100 eur, in payment of the agreed indemnification between the contracting parties. Further on, all costs of taking legal proceedings and carrying into effect, will be claimed on you, just like all costs of honorary wage of the lawyer.

Unlike article 1583 BW, W.E.COM BVBA-SPRL remains the owner of the goods till complete payment of the principal amount and/or interests and/or flat-rate allowances. The buyer discharges the seller of each formality of service and eventual costs are at the buyer´s expense. In this respect the buyer grants the right to the seller to collect the goods on any moment, where else the goods may be located. As far as necessary the buyer authorizes access to the seller into places in use or occupied by the buyer.

Applicable law - jurisdiction

Not receiving the general terms of sale by the buyer in his mother tongue, is no excuse for the non-application of the general terms of sale.

As seller is understood W.E.COM BVBA-SPRL, as buyer : the customer.

Each dispute that could arise between the parties, a dispute settlement can only be achieved in the Commercial Court of Brussels, for both national as international transactions.

We want to insist on the fact that on the occasion of export of products and documentation of American origin, the rules of the US Department of Commerce must been observed.


Warranty is exclusively granted on goods sold by our company. The guaranty is limited to the defaults due directly to design and production errors and is also limited to exchange and repair, dependant on the guaranty granted by the producer or supplier.

Warranty is not granted if:

  • the goods or devices returned to sender were inadequately protected against damage to transport,
  • changes or damage are made to the item or device,
  • there is question of defects resulting from incorrect or improper use by non-observing the directions of use,
  • the defect is caused by malice or negligence,
  • there is question of a disaster coming from outside such as lightning, power failure, natural disaster, etc,
  • the opportunity has not been given to LASystems to examine the complaint or eventually to repair the defect.

Materials issued at LASystems for inspection and / or repair under warranty or out of warranty, should be picked up by the customer within 90 days. If no pickup has been done within that period or payment of the cost, the material will automatically become the property of LASystems which will destroy it.

Right of withdrawal

As a consumer (private person) who has bought goods from, you have the right to withdraw from the purchase contract without giving a reason within 14 days of receipt of your goods.
Where goods are ordered together but delivered separately, the withdrawal period shall be 14 days, as of the day, on which you or a third party designated by you and who is not the carrier, have or has taken possession of the last items.
In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform us before expiry of the withdrawal period,

W.E.COM BVBA-SPRL, c/o LASystems, Brusselsesteenweg 208, 1730 Asse, Belgium, Telephone +32(2)4531312, Email:

by means of an unambiguous declaration (e.g. a letter sent by post or an email) of your decision to withdraw from this contract. In order to do so, you may use our withdrawal form which however is not mandatory.
Dispatch of  the notification of exercise of the right of withdrawal before expiry of the withdrawal period is deemed sufficient for compliance with the withdrawal period.

Consequences of the Right of Withdrawal

If you withdraw from this agreement, we shall reimburse you all payments that we have received from you including the costs of delivery (except for additional costs generated by your selection of a type of delivery other than the low-cost standard delivery offered by us) immediately and not later than fourteen days from the date on which we have received your notification of withdrawal from this agreement. In the case of withdrawal from a multiple order, the delivery charges for such an order will not be refunded unless you intend to cancel the entire multiple order contract. For reimbursement, we use the same payment method that you used for the original transaction unless we have explicitly agreed otherwise with you; in any case, you will not be charged any fees in connection with such reimbursement.
We can refuse reimbursement until we have received the returned goods or until you have provided evidence that you have sent the goods back, whichever is earlier. You shall send the products back or return them to us immediately and in any case not later than fourteen days from the date on which you informed us of withdrawal from this agreement. The period is complied with if you send the goods prior to the expiry of the fourteen-day period.
The costs of returning the goods are to be borne by the consumer. The cost of return depends on the size and weight of the products. As a reference you can use the rates of our partner GLS:
You are liable for any loss in the value of the goods, if such loss of value is due to any handling of the goods which is not required for examination of the quality, properties and functioning of the goods.

Exclusions from the Right of Withdrawal

  • supply of goods which are not pre-fabricated and the production of which is subject to the consumer’s individual choice or specification or which is clearly tailored to the consumer’s personal needs,
  • the provision of services which have been fully performed before the end of the withdrawal period and whose performance started after your express prior agreement and express renunciation of your right of withdrawal,
  • the provision of digital content not contained on a physical support, where this provision began after your express prior agreement and express renunciation of your right of withdrawal,
  • books/prints/images/CDs/software licences if you have broken the seal of the product after delivery,
  • electronic Warranty services,
  • special ordered for you & discontinued/clearance products.

You are solely responsible for the reduction in value of the goods resulting from the handling of the product(s) other than that strictly necessary to establish the nature, features and functioning of the product(s). The right of withdrawal shall not apply to goods without original packing and damaged articles and to each situation that can be considered as not the original condition of the product.


W.E.COM BVBA-SPRL cannot be hold responsible for the furnished (technical) advice, misprint or printer´s error on catalogues or the website, technical information by the supplier, poor quality of the products that cannot been foreseen and is reasonably not verifiable. Otherwise, each responsibility of W.E.COM BVBA-SPRL is limited to the really cashed value of the sent invoice. At the end of a conclusion of an agreement, the general terms of sale are yes or no presented to the buyer by electronic mail, the buyer is eventually responsible for printing or storing the terms of sale.

On the website of LASystems, following information is available:

  • his business address and VAT number,
  • the principal properties of the articles, including prices,
  • the way of charging the delivery and mode of payment,
  • the address, if differing from our business address, for lodging complaints,
  • the procedure for returning and withdrawal of products, stating the thereat relative charges,
  • the term of validity of the offer (if applicable on it),
  • the Privacy Policy,
  • the Cookie Policy.

Technical specifications and prices listed in the (internet) catalog were provided to us by the respective importer, manufacturer or and are subject to change and/or typographical errors.